Ronan McGeough is an Irish artist who graduated from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2011. The following year he worked as a professional artist as part of 2 of Limerick creative hubs; Occupy Space and Faber Studios before making the move to London in 2012. Following this move he has exhibited internationally in Paris, Berlin, Vienna amongst numerous times in the U.S.A. 

‘My work aims to question the curious fast paced world transformed through rich gestural paintings. I want to lead the audience on a journey across multiple views of narrative scenes, combining action painting with objective subject matter. My scenes comment on the socio-political issues of today to explore urban influenced forms of expressionism, constructing landscapes with an embedded connection between street art and contemporary art disciplines. In my work I try to convey a deeply rooted spirituality that I want to make more prominent by willingness to explore the unknown, bringing to the onlookers’ attention the things that we may overlook whilst reminding the viewer that within our own struggle resides beauty.’